SASAKI 18.5CM Glitter Ball – LIGHT BLUE


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SASAKI 18.5CM AURORA Glitter Ball – LIGHT BLUE FIG APPROVEDThe ball was developed for performance on rhythmic gymnastics mats. Please only use the ball on official rhythmic pop-up mats. Do not use the ball on rough floors or carpets!
Use the Sasaki ball pump to regulate the air. The use of other pumps will damage the ball valve due to different needle sizes. Please apply a small amount of grease to the tip of the pump needle and then carefully insert the needle into the valve. Remove the needle in the same way. It is forbidden to pump balls without lubricant. Over-inflation or deflation causes the ball to warp, expand or break. Gradually adjust the amount of air while checking the condition of the ball. The diameter of the ball must not be exceeded. It is forbidden to deflate the balls during transport!
The surface of the ball is covered with a special paint. Each time after use, clean the surface of the ball with a damp cloth and let it dry, then put it in a cloth bag.
Please keep the ball away from high temperatures, humidity and direct sunlight. The color of the ball may become stained if you leave it in a wet or sunny place.
The valve hardens when it dries, which may damage it.
WEIGHT: 410 gr. +/- 5 gr.
DIAMETER: 18,5 cm
BRAND: Sasaki


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