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Shaded ribbon suitable for beginners only.
Made of artificial silk, the moisture-resistant paint guarantees durability and colour stability. Smooth shade transitions make the ribbon not only a functional but also an aesthetic accessory for rhythmic gymnastics

Care measures:

Store the ribbon in a protective cover.
Use the ribbon only on a specialised gymnastic carpet.
Hand wash only. Washing at temperatures higher than 30° is not recommended.
A small amount of detergent or fabric softener may be used.
Do NOT rub or wrig out the ribbon after washing. The ribbon should be air dried.
Iron on LOW, If desired, after ribbon is completely dry.
The ribbon may become slightly shorter after washing. An additional length of 20 cm is induded.
There may be small gaps in the pattern and structure of the ribbon.
Avoid exposing the ribbon to direct sunlight and high temperatures.


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