How to Care for your Rhythmic Gymnastics ball

The valve and bladder of an Rhythmic Gymnastic ball are delicate, but if the ball is treated carefully and according to these guidelines you will get the best from you ball.

1: An RG ball must always be inflated by using a recommended inflation needle. Dip/Moisten the needle with your needle lubricant . Insert straight into the valve, rotating it left and right, without using too much force, to ensure the needle does not damage the valve or the bladder

2: Pump up the ball to the recommended pressure . Inflate slowly to allow the ball to gain its correct shape.

3: Rapid inflation may cause the bladder to get trapped within the ball.

4: If the correct pressure is exceeded you should immediately reduce the pressure to that recommended, as excessive pressure can easily damage the  ball to lose its shape. If the ball is either under or over inflated it will not perform as specified and its life span can be significantly reduced. Therefore please check the pressure.

5: Balls should normally be inflated to the lower end of the pressure range.

6: What to do if your ball slowly loses air/ pressure. If your ball loses pressure it is possibly due to dirt in the valve which can stop the valve from sealing properly. This can usually be cured by clearing the valve as follows; dip the inflating needle in ball lubricant, insert into the valve and rotate the needle by rotating the end of the needle in a small circle also moving the needle gently up and down. The dirt obstructing the valve will be cleared by the lubricant and the valve should seal. It may be necessary to repeat this procedure to completely clear the valve.

7: Never use polish or any other cleaning mineral, as this will remove the shine of your ball,( only clean with warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth, don’t create friction when drying or this can also remove the shine from your ball)

8: Storing your ball, always store your ball in a ball bag when you are not using and keep it dry place away from direct sunlight and do not leave in a car for long periods as the heat will expand the pressure in the ball causing it to over inflate.


The gym ball shall be used solely on the recommended FIG rhythmic gymnastics carpet. Avoid rubber flooring or linoleum.

We recommend that you store it immediately in your bag after use.

The ball must not be deflated while traveling to avoid compromising its technical and aesthetic qualities.

In case of re-inflation, lubricate the needle to prevent the displacement of the valve.

The ball must not be inflated more than the pressure with which is delivered.